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        WATERPROOF EYEBROW-02 Black Brown

        WATERPROOF EYEBROW-02 Black Brown

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        SKU: HG-WE02
        Weight: 30 grams
        Stock: Out of stock

        Brand: HOPE GIRL
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        Eyebrow pencil for soft, clear eyed look

        Smooth application

        As it is smooth but doesn't break easily, it can draw detailed, natural eyebrows

        Waterproof function

        This waterproof and sweat resistant pencil keeps your brows looking neat from smudging all day long

        Natural eyebrow shaping

        Screw brush shapes naturally arched eyebrows

        Various colors & easy to carry

        It consists of the most prefereed 3 colors and easy to use and carry auto pencil


        Replace the used catridge before use