29-1, Jalan Elektron NU16/N,

Seksyen U16 Denai Alam,

40160 Shah Alam Selangor D.E.

No. Tel: 03-77347100 | Email: nafura.my@gmail.com

Nafura Global Sdn Bhd is an importer of high quality cosmetics and skin care products, mainly from Korea. We are also the sole distributor of the brand True Island in Malaysia, as well as the trademark holder of Hope Girl. Over the years, Nafura has developed its network in Malaysia through an agent distribution network, the online platform, pharmacies, beauty outlets and has continued to strive hard to bring in beauty products that cater to consumers’ needs. Renowned for strict sourcing and an eye for quality products, Nafura has grown steadily and progressively to the status of an established and discerning importer as well as distributor.



1.1. A minimum order of RM1,600.00 is required
Please note that Nafura products are sold in single, as indicated in our website.

1.2. All orders are to be made through Nafura’s online platform www.nafura.my.

1.3. Stokists/Agents are to contact Nafura Sales Admin at +6016 916 6469 to obtain the discount code prior to finalizing the purchase. Initial purchasers will require registration as Nafura’s Registered Agents.

1.4. Payment is strictly on a ‘Cash before delivery’ or CBD basis. Payment should be made via ETF/credit card and proof of payment provided, before the products will be delivered.


2.1. The Client, you, is required to follow the retail price as set by Nafura and published in our website www.nafura.my. No deviations to pricing is allowed. Failure to comply will be considered a breach of contract and action will be taken.

2.2. Wholesale and recommended retail prices may fluctuate due to market forces and we reserve the right to alter them periodically.

2.3. Discounts cannot be applied to our products without our prior written consent.


3.1. The Client, you, is permitted to resell the goods to consumers only at Physical Stores, Store branded websites, Online platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Any changes to such locations will require our prior written consent. As such, selling of Nafura products at non-physical stores or premises eg: Pasar Malam/Flea Market/Bazaar are strictly forbidden

3.2. Nafura reserves the right to protect its brand and the brands it carries; and determine where Nafura products are sold. Nafura MUST be notified prior to products being advertised
through/on third party stockists and marketplaces such as Shopee, Lazada, eBay, Amazon,
Alibaba etc and we reserve the right to block any of our products from being advertised on
such sites. Failure to notify Nafura and obtain prior agreement will result in sanctions placed
on product availability, future order cancellation and/or further legal action being t aken to
have these items removed from third party sellers/marketplaces.

3.3. You agree that Nafura products will be sold by you direct to consumers and not in bulk to
entities for the purposes of reselling.

3.4. Where we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have acted in breach of these
Terms and Conditions we may forthwith withdraw our permission for you to sell Nafura
products and you will no longer be entitled to sell our products


4.1. An online website store; www.nafura.my is maintained by Nafura for the purposes of
providing extensive product information and setting the RRP of all products available under
Nafura. All information contained therein are exclusive intellectual property of Nafura.
Alterations made to the information provided, whether knowingly or not will be considered
as breach of contract and may be liable for action taken.

4.2. For the purposes of communication and advertising/marketing, Nafura has an active
presence is the major social media channels. All stokists/agents are encouraged to
follow/like the said social pages in order to obtain customer feedback, promotions and other
marketing activities. Undesired social media behavior such as spamming will not be


5.1. Goods will be delivered to the address nominated by you at the time of ordering. For orders
dispatched, please allow for 3-5 working days delivery within the Peninsular Malaysia, 5-8
working days for East Malaysia. Delivery is only available for Malaysia.

5.2. Notification by email will be sent prior to shipping to confirm delivery address and to provide

5.3. Self-Collection is also available at designated warehouses specified by Nafura.


6.1. All products sold are non-exchangeable and non-returnable. However, should there be any
production fault in the item, we will replace the item provided notice is provided within 7-
days within receipt of order. This policy does not cover any damage caused by the customer
due to negligence or stress on the item concerned. In the case of damage caused by the
customer, we will not be held liable.


7.1. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend your order at any time if you become bankrupt or
insolvent, enter into any arrangement with your creditors, or being a company, go into
liquidation or are wound-up, or being a partnership, are dissolved or if, in our reasonable
opinion, one of the aforementioned events is likely to occur. You must notify us in writing immediately if any one of the aforementioned events occurs.

7.2. If we feel that our reputation and company standards are being damaged while continuing a business relationship, we also reserve the right to terminate our relationship with a 30 days’ notice.


8.1 All product designs are protected by international rights of copyright. Any use of copyrighted material without prior notice and agreement from Nafura will be considered a breach of copyright and legal action will be taken.

8.2 You will not, without our prior written consent, allow any of our logos or trademarks or other words or marks applied to products imported/developed by Nafura to be obliterated, covered, obscured or omitted or to add any additional words or marks.

8.3 You will not, repack or knowingly allow repacking of the products or in any way, make any alterations to the original product or its packaging. Any alterations made will constitute a breach of copyright and legal action will be taken.

8.4 No delay or failure on our part to enforce our rights or remedies under these terms and conditions shall constitute a waiver on our part of such rights and remedies unless such waiver is confirmed in writing.


9.1. You must notify us immediately if you find any of our products supplied to be defective in any way (which must be no later than 24 hours of receipt of the Order) and allow us an opportunity to investigate.

9.2. Where we have agreed that the Goods are defective then we will supply suitable replacement goods free of charge and arrange for the return of defective products.


10.1. We shall not be held liable for any failure or delay in delivering the Goods where such failure arises as a result of any act or omission which is outside our reasonable control such as act of God or those of a third party.

10.2. We shall not be held liable for third party misrepresentations of Nafura products or third party fraudulent misrepresentations.

10.3. Should either party decide that a business relationship can no longer be amicable and no reasonable compromise can be reached, termination of a business relationship will require a 30-day notice period in writing and the client shall be liable for any orders or outstanding payments due within that notice period (if any).